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Voter Registration

Eligibility and Registration Information.

How do I register to vote? Am I eligible? Where do I register to vote?

Am I Eligible to Vote?

To be eligible to vote in Bexar County, you must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen.
  • Be 18 years old by election day.
  • Be a resident of Bexar County.
  • Not be a convicted felon, unless your sentence is complete (including any probation or parole).
  • Not be declared mentally incapacitated by a court of law.

How do I register to vote in Bexar County?

How to Register to Vote in Bexar County

  • Applications are available from libraries, post offices, and the DMV (driver's license bureau) or call the Voter Registration Office at (210) 335-VOTE (8683) to request an application. To request an application online (see below).
  • Your spouse, parent or child may register a qualified voter.
  • Students may register and vote in the county they declare as their permanent residence.
  • SIGN and MAIL or deliver the completed application to:
Bexar County Voter Registration Office
1103 South Frio Street
San Antonio, Tx 78207

When Should I Register to Vote?

When to Register

  • Applications are accepted at any time.
  • You must register 30 days prior to the day of the election in which you wish to vote.
  • Seventeen-year-old citizens may register 60 days before their eighteenth birthday, if they will be 18 by election day.

IMPORTANT! How to Keep Your Voter Registration Up-to-Date:

  • Always vote.
  • When you move within the county or change your name, request a change form from the county voter registrar.
  • If you move out of county, you must re-register with the county of your new residence.
  • Address change must be completed 30 days prior to Election Day.
  • You may return to your former precinct to vote for 90 days after a move.

How do I apply for a voter registration application form online?

From the website above (the Texas Secretary of State office), you can have a voter registration application mailed to you (or print it out yourself). When the application arrives, you'll need to fill it out, follow all instructions, and SIGN IT. Then mail it to the Voter Registrar in the county where you live.

In Bexar County, MAIL or deliver the completed application to:

Bexar County Voter Registration Office
1103 South Frio Street
San Antonio, Tx 78207

A list of all the Texas counties and their registrars is also at the website. You can click here to find it:

Helpful Numbers and Websites

HELPFUL NUMBERS AND WEB SITES League of Women Voters, San Antonio 657-2206 Web site:

State League of Women Voters 512-472-1100 Web site:

San Antonio City Council 210-207-7040 Web site:

City of San Antonio 210-207-6000 Web site:

Bexar County Elections Department 210-335-8683 Website: