Track mail using Domestic letter with tracking Imprint

When you need to send important mail to customers, adding the ability to track the item in-transit gives both you and your customer extra peace of mind.

Key points

  • Adding tracking to important business mail can help provide reassurance for both businesses and customers.
  • Tracking and confirmation of delivery could help reduce customer enquiries and may help you meet some of your compliance obligations.
  • Australia Post has several options, including Registered Post Imprint, Domestic letter with tracking Imprint and Express Post letter Imprint.

Tracking is good for business

In today’s competitive business landscape, making a good impression on customers, clients or constituents matters more than ever. One way you can do this is by adding tracking to your mail deliveries—particularly those that include important documents.

Not only does sending tracked letters show you care, which reflects positively on your brand, but there are also a range of other benefits:

  • With Registered Post Imprint, you’ll have the added assurance that it’s been delivered to a person instead of the letterbox
  • Tracking and confirmation of delivery may help you meet some of your compliance obligations, as well as reduce the time and cost associated with managing queries and complaints
  • With a range of speeds available, you can get important mail into customers’ hands quickly
  • Sending via post is often a lower-cost alternative to couriers.

Tracking is good for your customers, too

Tracking isn’t just good for your business. It’s also beneficial to your customers. In fact, a survey found that 77% of Australians want to have important items delivered to their letterbox, and 76% would like the ability to track these deliveries.1

Tracking keeps your customers informed about the status of their mail delivery, giving them an extra layer of reassurance and enhancing trust in your brand. If a customer can see that their new loyalty card, licence or credit card is on its way, they’ll be less likely to pick up the phone to contact your call centre—saving them (and you) time.

Here’s an example of how tracking helps elevate the customer experience. Mary loses her credit card. She calls her bank to order a replacement, and the bank immediately cancels her card and sends a new one in the mail using Priority speed with tracking. Mary receives notifications to track the delivery, so she knows when to expect her new card. It’s not long before it’s safely in her hands.

Options for tracking deliveries

With Australia Post, you’ve got a few options for sending mail with tracking. The route you take can depend on how you want your items delivered, how quickly and also the number of letters you send.

If you send at least 10,000 items per year, then our Domestic letter with tracking Imprint service could be right for you. With this service, which delivers to the letterbox, your customers can track individual items, and you can access data that shows the delivery status of your items. You can choose from 2 speeds – Regular or Priority - and your business can send bulk volumes of mail.

This service is available on a contract basis to businesses that send acceptable flat content; and for small mail articles the content also needs to be flexible. You’ll need to be able to generate and print 2D barcodes and lodge your letters at our approved lodgement facilities.

Alternatively, you could use our Registered Post Imprint service, which delivers directly to a person. With no contract or minimum lodgement amount, this service can also capture signature on delivery to assure you that your letter has been received. It provides all the same tracking features as Domestic letter with tracking Imprint.

As a third option, you could use Express Post Imprint. This service delivers to the letterbox, offers tracking, next business day delivery between all capital cities (except Darwin), and selected major towns.

Whichever option you choose, all of Australia Post’s delivery services with tracking will give you and your customers greater peace of mind.

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