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Human Trafficking Study

Panel Discussion

Prevention, Prosecution, and Protection

Join us for the program on human trafficking at the Central Library on Thursday, November 21 from 6 to 8. We will have panelists discussing Prevention, Prosecution, and Protection.

These are the three divisions that are used in Facts and Issues and the divisions used in the Consensus questions that we will be dealing with at the December 7 meeting.

Study: Human Trafficking in Texas

Focus: Study the issue of human trafficking in Texas to understand state and local policies as well as the public's role in abating human trafficking.


  • Understand the nature and definition of human trafficking;
  • Consider its extent in Texas;
  • Explore how to reduce its occurrence, including considering state and local laws and their enforcement;
  • Assess the components of social services for victims to rescue and restore their lives.

Explanation: This study was recommended by the LWV-Houston Area and six other Leagues. In 2011, LWV-Houston Area completed a study on human trafficking, defined as exploiting persons through force, fraud, or coercion, for the purposes of sex, labor or other involuntary acts. Other local Leagues are also studying this issue. Texas is a part of a national and international problem, and it is an issue that all Leagues need to understand so we can act with one voice as we advocate on state laws pertaining to this issue.

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Consensus Materials and Additional References

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