The terms and conditions for our Post Office Box, Locked Bag and Common Box services are set out in the following section of the Australia Post Terms and Conditions:

24/7 PO Box Parcel Lockers

Use of this website and the 24/7 PO Box Parcel Locker service ("Service") is subject to the:

1. Availability of the Service

The Service is only available for use by PO Box holders at selected outlets.

2. Request to opt out of the Service

PO Box holders at outlets with parcel lockers can elect not to use the Service. This request can be made in writing to the Manager of the PO Box outlet.

3. Notifications

You will receive a key in your PO Box when a parcel is being held for collection in a 24/7 PO Box Parcel Locker. The key is to be used to open the locker indicated on the key tag. Once the parcel has been removed, the key is to be returned to Australia Post via the key return slot. Failure to return the parcel locker key via the key return slot will be deemed a breach of these Terms & Conditions and may render the box-holder ineligible for further deliveries via the Service.

4. Instructions

You agree to comply with all instructions and user guidelines supplied to You by Us and any signage at the 24/7 PO Box Parcel Locker location when using the Service.

5. Addressee details

We will use your registered details to confirm your identity. Where we receive a parcel for delivery via the Service and the addressee details do not match your registered details, of the parcel will not be delivered via the Service. Any additional addressee(s) authorised to receive mail at your PO Box address should be duly notified to Australia Post.

6. Parcel collection

Parcels placed in 24/7 PO Box Parcel Lockers must be collected within 5 working days (or within the timeframe specified by the outlet). At the end of 5 working days (or the timeframe specified by the outlet), parcels that are not collected from 24/7 PO Box Parcel Lockers will be carded for collection in the usual manner.

7. Signature on delivery parcels

Parcels larger than the largest available 24/7 PO Box Parcel Locker, parcels containing wine or parcels that require a signature on delivery are not eligible for the Service.

8. Warranties

Australia Post expressly disclaims all conditions and warranties, express or implied, in respect of the Service. Where the law prevents such exclusion and implies conditions or warranties into this contract, the liability of Australia Post for breach of such condition or warranty is limited to the option of Australia Post to either (i) supply the Service again; or (ii) pay the cost of having the Service supplied again.

9. Violation of the terms and conditions

You agree that We may, in our absolute discretion and without prior notice, terminate your access to the 24/7 PO Box Parcel Lockers, or any related site, if We determine that you have violated the terms and conditions associated with the use of the 24/7 PO Box Parcel Lockers, a related site, or any other Australia Post site.

Note: The 24/7 PO Box Parcel Locker trial has now concluded. Until further notice, the Service will continue to be provided to eligible customers at no charge.