Keep the one address, as your business grows

A PO Box is a professional way to receive deliveries, keep items safe and collect them when it suits you.

Why your business needs a PO Box

  • Safely store important letters and parcels until you're ready to collect them1

  • Protect your privacy by not revealing your address

  • Get access 24/72 for your convenience

  • Prevent mail piling up in your letterbox

  • Keep the same address, even when you move

PO Boxes can be used for parcel deliveries too. We’ll store your parcels for collection, even if they are too big to fit in your PO Box, and notify you where you can collect them. Or, you can collect them anytime where 24/7 collection is offered.1

Choose the right PO Box for your business



Apply now

To apply for one of the above options, download and complete an application form, then take it to your nearest post office. Don’t forget to bring the required ID outlined in the form.

Pricing and set-up

You can lease a box or bag for up to one year and then renew it annually, if you want to. Please check at your individual PO Box location as PO Box sizes and availability may vary.

Our pro rata pricing runs from 1 April until 31 March the following year.

For new leases, you'll pay an establishment fee, and what's left of the annual pro rata price, depending on what month you take out your lease. The pro rata charge for each month is one twelfth of the annual fee.

Any lease that starts in February or March will include charges for a full year in addition to pro rata fees.