Create something unique for your next special occasion with a Personalised Stamp. Choose from a range of stamp designs and stick them on your invitations. Start personalising your stamps today!

View Personalised Stamp prices, and check our photo specifications and terms & conditions before placing your order.

How to order Personalised Stamps

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Personalised Stamps pricing

Each sheet of Personalised Stamps contains 20 stamps of the same design, with a minimum order of 1 sheet.

Photo specifications

We recommend uploading high-resolution photos/images as they will give you the sharpest Personalised Stamp possible and using a portrait image.

Prepare your image before uploading:

  • use high-resolution photos
  • portrait image with a ratio of 2:3 (width:height) will give you the best result
  • use the zoom and rotate function when you upload your photo to zoom and pan your image within the tabbed area
  • we accept the following file formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG and BMP
  • check that your file is below 2MB
  • images/photos that are too dark or too light may not produce the best result.
    To adjust your image/photo use photo editing apps or software before uploading your image.

Image guidelines

Before creating your personalised stamps, it’s important that you’re aware of our terms and conditions, including guidelines on photo suitability.1

Ultimately, we won’t accept any image which:

  • is in any way discriminatory
  • contains any well-known person, location or monument
  • contains offensive or defamatory text
  • includes offensive material of any kind (e.g. nudity, violence, illegal or anti-social behaviour)
  • is political or nationalistic in any way (including the use of flags)

This is by no means an exhaustive list, so please read the full Image Guidelines.

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We reserve the right to refuse your order if we determine your image does not meet our terms and conditions, including our image suitability guidelines.