What is MyPost?

MyPost is a free, personal account that gives you access to a great range of features and benefits. You can track your parcels,1 redirect your deliveries,2 get set up with other Australia Post services like a MyPost Concession card (if you're eligible) and more. 

Easy-to-use features

All your day-to-day postal services are made easy with MyPost:

Track parcels and view estimated delivery dates1

Redirect a parcel to a more convenient location2

Have your parcels left in a safe place3

Nickname parcels for easy identification

Let someone collect a parcel for you

Set preferences for delivery notifications

Access free collection points4

View your online enquiries

Print labels and pay for postage from home

One login – multiple services

When you create a MyPost account, you provide an email address and password.

You can then use this login information to set up other Australia Post products and services, including a MyPost Business account, the Online Shop and a MyPost Concession card (if you’re eligible).

Are you a business customer?

If you spend $50+ over 4 weeks on parcel sending, you can access great savings with a MyPost Business account. With smart sending tools, no eligibility criteria, and free sign up, you could save up to 40% on domestic postage and up to 35% on international postage.

Frequently asked questions

1 Track events will vary depending on the service used and how your item is lodged and delivered. Learn more about our tracking service.

2 Our redirection service is only available for parcels in transit when the sender has included your registered email address, mobile phone number or Australia Post customer number in the shipping information they’ve given us, and that have been addressed to a street address. Changing your delivery address may result in a delay in delivery, depending on the location.

3 Terms and conditions apply. The option to have parcel left in a safe place will only be available if the sender has agreed to allow it. This applies to parcels in transit and addressed to a street address. Additionally, the shipping information provided by the sender must include registered email address, mobile number, or other details that allow us to match the parcel to the receiver’s MyPost account. Learn more about Safe Drop.

4 Terms, conditions and collection time limits apply. You have 48 hours to collect your parcel from a Parcel Locker, 10 business days to collect from a participating Parcel Collect (Post Office) location, and 30 days from a PO Box. Size limits apply. View full terms and conditions.