Elected representatives, political candidates and government departments connect with people all over the country, from densely populated capital cities to the most remote regions. 

Research shows around 58 per cent of Australians prefer to receive general information about an election and 60 per cent prefer to receive information about how to vote in an upcoming election via their mailbox.

Find out why mail remains at the heart of Australia’s election campaigns

Mail services

Choose the right mailing solution for your communications strategy, whether you're running a federal, state or local campaign. Find out how to use each mailing option, from targeting specific locations to preparing your articles for lodgement.

If you need help with managing your mailouts, you can engage one of our Bulk Mail Partners.

Unaddressed Mail

Unaddressed Mail2 is a low-cost option for the bulk delivery of flyers, letters and postcards, and is suitable for MPs or candidates wanting to reach their constituents based on electorate or locality. Unaddressed Mail is delivered by postal rounds that best fit the delivery criteria.

If you’re new to letterbox advertising our letterbox advertising guide (PDF 2.18MB) can help get you started.

Campaigns can be booked directly with our Unaddressed Mail Customer Services team by submitting a booking form (PDF 108kB). Frequent users of the Unaddressed Mail service can register to book online.

Read our guides to help you or your printer/mailhouse book campaigns online. 

You can also access Campaign Targeter, our online mapping tool, to help you plan and map your own campaigns.

Read our guides to help you or your printer map campaigns in Campaign Targeter.

Addressed mail

Mail is a trusted and inclusive communication channel. Use addressed mail and focus your strategy based on constituent behaviours and your own data.

Here are our most popular mail services to use during an election or a referendum. View other mailing options including bulk mail options