Manage customer records electronically

Managing documents electronically saves an organisation time and money by reducing storage costs and handling time, and protecting valuable documents from deterioration.

We help organisations effectively manage their customer records with our cost-effective document imaging and management services.

Document imaging

Our electronic data capture technology can record typed and handwritten text, checkboxes and barcodes.

We scan a customer's forms and any required documentation during an in-person interview at selected post offices. We then add the requested scanned images to the customer's electronic file before sending it to your organisation.

Document management

Our electronic solutions make it easy for organisations to collect, sort and store their documents.

As one of Australia's leading information logistics specialists, we're fully equipped to help organisations better manage the physical information entering and circulating through their business.

Our electronic document management services comprise:

  • A full range of image and data capture services
  • Image enhancement services
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) data capture
  • Online archiving
  • Image retrieval via the internet
  • Electronic forms processing
  • Complete information logistics
  • Integrated mailroom services