People move. Keep your database current.

Every year, 1.14 million1 Australians move house, with around 84 per cent using our mail redirection service.

This movement could create challenges in keeping your database up to date. Our National Change of Address database, derived from our Mail Redirection Service, can help you maintain an accurate database. Simply match your customer database against ours to discover which addresses to update and suppress.

Benefits of an up-to-date database

Maximise your reach - deliver where your customers are. Save your marketing budget and reduce your 'return to sender' mail.

Support customer retention - keep in contact with your customers wherever they go.

Brand leverage - connect with our brand and grow yours as a registered data partner.

Manage risk - use current, authoritative data from a trusted source.

Two easy ways to access our data

You can access our National Change of Address database in either of the following ways:

Access data via our Data Partners

Select a software solution provider from our partner list below.

Access data with our software

Use our Suppress and Update application to wash your client's database. You can identify how many customers have moved and applied for a Mail Redirection service.

If you're providing this information as a service, you can offer data from the following range of options:

  • Change of address - Add a new address to the database if the customer has elected to share this information.
  • Deceased notification - Update customer records where an individual has passed away.
  • Inactive address - This alert confirms that the customer wants to keep new address information private.
  • Reconnect - An additional service that allows you to reconnect with your customers via Australia Post.

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1 ABS data 2019-2020 and is subject to change.